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What are the benefits of having a car service in Didsbury?

It’s important that you have a regular car service in Didsbury for several reasons. First, having your car serviced ensures that it is road worthy and safe to drive. The more you drive a car the more it is affected by wear and tear. However, when parts of a car deteriorate it often happens gradually and the problems are hidden. Having a car service in Didsbury means that any hidden or out of sight problems can be identified and fixed.

Having a car service in Didsbury will also save you money in the long term. While having your car regularly serviced does incur an initial cost, it means that any potential problems can be rectified before they become major issues that would be expensive to put right. In addition, when you have your car serviced, the filters get replaced which contributes to the engine running more smoothly and efficiently which means that your car consumes less petrol/diesel saving you money at the fuel station.

If you don’t service your car regularly, you run the risk of breaking down. This can prove costly and inconvenient, so it’s vital that you have a car service in Didsbury.

Regularly servicing will also extend the life span of your vehicle, so you won’t have the cost of buying a new vehicle any time soon. However, if you did decide to sell your car, one that has evidence of a full-service history is likely to sell more easily and for a better price than one that has no evidence of regular servicing. At Bridge Motor Company we employ fully qualified and experienced mechanics to carry out your car service.

MOT in Didsbury

Every car that is over three years old is legally required to have an MOT check. Failure to have an MOT makes your car illegal to drive! An MOT check is s done to ensure that the vehicle is roadworthy. Since May 2018 a new system of identifying and categorising faults has been brought in as well as some new checks and stricter rules around diesel car emissions. At Bridge Motor Company we can provide you with all the information and advice that you need about this.

How long does an MOT take?

An MOT in Didsbury means you can have your car returned the same day if the vehicle passes. Obviously, if your vehicle fails the test it may be kept for longer before you can drive it away from the garage.
At the Bridge Motor Company, we are your local MOT centre and we offer MOT in Didsbury, thus ensuring minimum disruption to your day. You can wait while we do the MOT in Didsbury.

Vehicle Repairs and Engine Diagnostics

At Bridge Motor Company we have got all your car repairs in Didsbury covered. Car repairs can range from problems with the body work to wheel or windscreen repairs/replacements! We can fix a clutch or replace a battery as part of our car repairs in Didsbury. It may be that you think that your engine is underperforming? We can diagnose the problem and then fix it. For carrying out vehicle repairs, we source and only use quality parts.
For more information about car repairs in Didsbury, ring Bridge Motor Company today.

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