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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – The Bridge Motor Company (Withington) Ltd


1. Introduction

1.1 What data does The Bridge Motor Co Collect?

When an enquiry or booking is placed via www.bridgemotorco.co.uk we ask for the following personal information to respond to your enquiry;

Company Name 
Contact Number 
Email Address

We also hold an account on Facebook. When an enquiry is made via this social media outlet we may ask for the following details to respond to your enquiry;

Contact Number 
Email Address

Bookings are completed via telephone. The following information is collected in order to process your booking and receive payment.

Contact Phone Number

Payment Details (the information is directly inputted into a card payment machine and not stored)

For marketing, research and analysis we also receive your IP Address, the length of time spent on the site and the pages/information accessed and error information. Cookies are also used third parties on our website and social media platforms.

1.2 How Do We Collect This Data?

The data you have chosen to supply us with online is submitted through our website (www.bridge motorco.co.uk) to our email account. Information is then stored on our email.

Information sent to us via Facebook will be forwarded onto our email address account.

Your address and contact information are collected via telephone for the booking in of your vehicle.

IP address, website usage and cookie information are supplied to us via third parties, who have their own privacy policy.

1.3 Why Do We Collect This Data?

We require your name, email address and telephone number to contact you regarding your enquiry and booking.

We require your address and contact details for a booking of your vehicle into the garage.

We collect details of your IP Address, website usage and cookie information for marketing, research and analysis as well as to improve the user experience.

1.4 Do We Share This Data?

We do not share or sell your name, email address, telephone number, address or payment details with any third parties.

Your IP Address, website usage and cookies information are shared with Google Analytics and third parties for marketing, research and analysis.

2. Using Your Data for Marketing Purposes

2.1 Opting In

We currently do not send any marketing or promotional emails. We would require your permission to do so.

2.2Opting Out

There is no need to opt out of marketing or promotional emails as we do not operate an email list.

3. How Do We Keep Your Data Secure?

3.1 Data Stored Digitally

Personal information collected during the enquiry process from our own websites and is sent to our email server. Information collected via our social media outlets is stored on Facebook or Messenger who employ their own security measures, details of which can be found on their own sites.

The information collected during the payment process is inputted into a card machine and not kept digitally.

The IP Address and website usage information is stored via Google Analytics and third parties, who have their own security policy.

Devices in our possession that have access to our Email and Facebook and LinkedIn account are as follows;

Lenovo Desktop and Laptops – Password protected

We employ password security on all our devices and accounts.

3.2 Data Stored as A Hard Copy

Booking information including personal details and contact information is stored within locked premises at the registered business offices. This is accessed by key personnel only to contact you about your vehicle. This is stored for 12 months before being securely destroyed.

Receipts for payments are printed from the card machine and do not include full payment details. This is stored for 12 months before being securely destroyed.

4. Requesting A Copy of The Data We Hold

4.1 The Process

You can request a copy of all the data we currently hold on file for you. We are legally required to provide this to you free of charge and within a month of the original request.

5. Requesting We Delete All Data We Hold

5.1 The Process

If you want us to delete and destroy all information we have on file, we are legally required to do so should you request it.

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